everything you need to make your next project a success.

Every artist is unique and so are their requirements. Feel free to contact us to discuss your individual needs and we can help put together a custom plan to meet your goals. This can include moving between Vertical Studios and our larger space Monarch Studios with the continuity of a single engineer overseeing your entire project to make best use of both spaces.

Audio Recording
    • $100/hour (includes Audio Engineer)

Minimum 4-hour booking required.

ADR / DUBBING / Voiceover
    • $175/hour (includes ADR/Dubbing Engineer)

Minimum 4-hour booking required.

Discounted Day Rates*

*available to Independent Musicians

    • $400/10 hour day
      includes Staff Engineer
    • $500/10 hour day
      includes Senior Engineer

Overtime is available at a rate of $40/hour with Staff Engineer or $50/hour with Senior Engineer.

Typical day runs from 11am-9pm.

    • A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your booking. The balance is due at the end of your session.
    • For sessions of one day or less, full non-refundable payment is required to confirm your booking.
    • Payment can be made by cheque payable to Vertical Productions Ltd., or Interac eTransfer to payment@verticalstudios.ca.
    • Sessions begin billing at the agreed start time, and continue until the final load out.
    • Taxes are not included - 5% GST will be added.

Our goal is to create a safe recording space where everyone feels comfortable recording all types of music.

Our policy at Vertical Studios is not to work on content that promotes violence, racism, sexism, homophobia or hate. If you have any concerns that your content may not be a fit for our studio, please ask ahead of your session.


Gift Certificates make great gifts for the musician in your life and are available in any dollar amount. They can be paid for online and emailed to you to print yourself.


Vertical Studios is an approved studio to access Amplify BC funding available through Creative BC. This program covers 75% of sound recording expenses. Contact us for more information about how to apply.

Production PACKAGES
3-Song EP with STAFF Engineer

1 Day - Bed Track Recording  at Monarch Studios ($600)
1 Day - Monarch Vintage Inst. Rentals ($100)
10-hours - Editing/Tuning/Etc. ($350)
4 Days - Overdub Recording at Vertical ($1600)
3 Songs - Producer Fee ($900)
3 Songs - Mixing ($1350)
$4900, Regular Price

$4500, Discounted Package Price including Staff Engineer as Producer

3-Song EP with SENIOR Engineer

1 Day - Bed Track Recording  at Monarch Studios ($675)
1 Day - Monarch Vintage Inst. Rentals ($100)
10-hours - Editing/Tuning/Etc. ($350)
4 Days - Overdub Recording at Vertical ($2000)
3 Songs - Producer Fee ($1500)
3 Songs - Mixing ($1500)
$6125, Regular Price

$5300, Discounted Package Price including Senior Engineer as Producer


The heart of any project is the time spent recording and Vertical Studios is setup to give great results in a large variety of tracking situations. We can use our isolation rooms to capture the live feel of multiple musicians playing togther, or if it's focusing on a single element at a time, we have the tools to find the perfect tone the songs calls for. Other times it's as simple as creating a comfortable environment for a singer and giving them a perfect headphone mix and space to perform in.


We can support the music with things like drum and bass editing, adjusting timing and tuning on vocal and instrument recordings, and anything else needed to create a professional result. If you have recorded tracks that have noise issues such as a buzz, hum, or mouth noises from a sensitive vocal recording, we have the tools to clean up audio quickly and transparently.


In addition to recording and engineering, Vertical's engineers can be hired to produce your project. An engineer is responsible for taking care of all things technical at the studio, getting great sounds, and helping to fulfill the artist's vision for their song. A producer goes a step further to help shape the vision of the song, work on song structure and arranging parts, hiring additional musicians as needed, and helping to guide and support the artist through creative decisions along the way. Whether it's Rock, Pop, R&B/Soul, Hip Hop/Rap, Jazz, Classical, or any other type of music recording, we can introduce you to the best person for the job.


Whether we have recorded the entire project at our studios, you have recorded it at home, other studios, or a combination; a professional mix is where the whole project comes together. We have access to the best mixing tools available including a huge suite of legally purchased software plugins. We will use our experience and these tools to create a sonically impressive mix that holds the listener's attention from start to finish and makes them want to hear it again and again.


If you need a quick master of your track, we can provide you with that within an hour. We also work with the best dedicated mastering facilities in Vancouver and around the world. After completing your mix, we can introduce you to the best fit for your project and even transfer the files directly to the mastering engineer for you.


Let us help you record high quality dialog audio for your project. We can also utilize Zoom meeting software to allow any creative people who would like to listen or direct the session to be connected.