Tom Dobrzanski

Update: In 2013, Tom launched a new larger studio space in East Vancouver called Monarch Studios. For an up-to-date bio and to see what Tom has been working on lately, please visit

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Vertical Studios is owned by Engineer, Producer, Composer, and Multi-Instrumentalist Tom Dobrzanski.  Tom studied audio engineering at both CDIS and the Vancouver Film School and has been producing music since 2001.

His piano work has been featured on many recording projects including Fancey (solo project of Todd Fancey of The New Pornographers), Castle Project, and his own projects Lotus Child and The Zolas. Tom has also had the opportunity to tour Canada many times, and has received some great reviews as a musician.  Exclaim Magazine wrote “If you’re going to make piano pop, it helps to have a great piano player - which this Vancouver band does in Tom Dobrzanski.”  Vue Weekly, Edmonton wrote “That piano player is amazing. Usually rock piano players bang out jingly chords or provide some background atmosphere but Tom Dobrzanski has a melodic style that demands to be at the forefront of the music, but not in a pushy way.”  As a vocalist, Tom has also toured the world (Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the US) in a professional choir.

A graduate from The University of British Columbia with an honours degree in business, Tom has also studied Music Management and Marketing.  This allowed him to successfully delve into artist management and tour booking, and although he has now chosen to focus his energies solely on the music making side of the business, clients are always welcome to pick his brain on how to further their musical careers.

Tom brings a unique blend of skills to any project, balancing a technical attention to detail with a musicians creative perspective focused on capturing the energy that makes a recording great.  As part of Tom’s audio engineering education he studied acoustics and psychoacoustics, and worked closely with the studio designers and carpenters through the construction of Vertical Studios.  As a musician he is completely in touch with what makes a recording space special; a space that musicians will want to come back to again and again.